Monday, May 9, 2011

Back On My Diet - Day 2

I have been utilizing the SparkPeople website to keep track of my fitness and nutrition goals for the last two days and it has helped me to see that a lot of my calories are coming from foods containing a lot of FAT! (Go figure, huh?)  I stayed within my range today for everything and really, it isn't all that hard.  I'm not finding myself feeling hungry at all. The swelling in my leg is not bothering me as much, either. Due to the cutting of salt, probably.  Here are my stats from yesterday:

May 8, 2011
Total today: CALORIES: 1,355; CARBS: 121; FAT: 61; PROTEIN: 90
Daily Goal: CALORIES: 1.350-1,700; CARBS: 180-260; FAT: 36-62; PROTEIN: 60-140
Remaining Today: CALORIES: 0-345; CARBS: 59-139; FAT: 0-1; PROTEIN: 0-50
Water today: 9 Glasses so far ( I ended up having 11)

I also went on a 30 minute hike through the woods which burned over 200 calories, so that's cool.

Today I will be going grocery shopping and will stock up on some healthier, low-fat foods. I will probably get some microwave dinners as well as it is easier to keep track of their nutritional value and only Beth and I are mindful of what we are eating.  Much easier than cooking two different meals for dinner. 

Today I will also be breaking out my exercise DVDs.  (Man, I wish I had cement floors and more space!)
Zumba looks so fun! But, I refuse to buy any more till I have conquered and or gotten sick of the ones I already have!

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