Saturday, May 7, 2011

Back On My Diet - Day 1

Sadly, I went off any type of healthy eating and exercise plan during the last few months.  I didn't exactly binge the whole time, in fact there were periods of time in which I didn't eat a single thing all day ... for days.
Of course, as my Healthy FlyGirls would tell me, that totally threw my body into 'starvation mode' and now that I am eating somewhat normally I have gained every single pound I lost this year thus far.

So, I am going back on my 'diet' today. Eating more healthy, cutting salt and 'bad' cabs, drinking my smoothie within one hour of getting up and (sigh) exercising. I am so badly out of shape since I am not working outside of the home anymore that it just is not even close to being funny. I have a million and one exercise DVDs so I have no excuse. I just haven't been doing any of them.

My DD20 has been monitering her calorie intake with a group of people online. I'm not sure what group, I didn't pry. And she has been doing very well. My FlyGirls are all doing extremely well with their plans and their progress. It's time to get off my ass and start putting my smoothie where my mouth is. :)

So, today I am jumping in right where I'm at, taking it one day at a time and getting back on track.

Update on Today

Eaten today: CALORIES: 1,271 CARBS: 103 FAT: 75 PROTEIN: 55
Goals: CALORIES: 1,350 - 1,700 CARBS: 180 - 260 FAT: 36 - 62 PROTEIN: 60 - 140
Remaining today: CALORIES: 79 - 429 CARBS: 77 - 157 FAT: 0 PROTEIN: 5 - 85
Water: So far NINE eight oz. glasses

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