Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Falling Off The Flutter-Wagon

Doesn't it always seem that when everything seems to be going along smoothly, you're feeling good about things and your accomplishments that the devil has a way of throwing a wrench in the wheel of life?

Well, that's what happened to me yesterday. 

I accomplished so much on Monday.  I felt good.  Got my whole bedroom clean and comfortable.  It was such a task!  But, I did it!  With the help of my friends over at the FlyLady Facebook Page.  8 hours straight of calling FlyLady Bingo and then a couple hours afterwards and I had amazing results:

I went to bed that night feeling very good about myself and my home and my family. It had just been a wonderful day.  The kids were home from school, I was off of work, nobody had fought or fussed.  It was just all good.

The calm before the storm, I suppose.

Yesterday I had a bomb dropped on me and I am struggling through the debris of my life once more. Someone hurt me and hurt me deeply.  I feel a million things right now.  Betrayed, Unloved, Unattractive, Angry, Disillusioned... these are just a few of them.  My head and my heart are at odds. I'm trying to keep to my routines.  I'm trying to be Thankful in the Midst of the Storm, and I am.  It's just that the thankful feelings are gettind drowned by my tears that just refuse to stop.  God talks about the wellsprings of the heart.. well, mine are coming out my eyes.  *sigh*

My motivation is miniscule.  My home and emotions are in cahoots and have exploded all over the place.  I have to get up and get moving, but getting out of bed and putting yesterday's clothes back on was an accomplishment in itself.

There are things to be thankful for.  I need to concentrate on those.
There are sinks to shine. And I can do anything for 15 minutes, right?

I did manage to make my bed this morning.  I did manage to make the boys' their breakfast. I did manage to get my coffee on.  I can do this.  I will do this.

Please, God, HELP me do this.

The Joy Of The Lord Is My Strength.
All Things Work Together For The Good Of Those Who Love God.
He Knows The Plans That He Has For Me ...
He Leads Me Beside Still Waters...

No matter who does NOT love me... My GOD LOVES ME!
Their loss.

Excuse me, I have to catch that Flutter-Wagon.  It's time for me to start FLY-ing again.
(FLY - Finally. Loving. YOURSELF!)

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Amy said...

emotions are funny things But God's Love is constant no matter what! May you feel God's love today. Keep at the good work cleaning.

Amy @ Missional Mama
Stopping by from ifellowship

AurieGood said...

Those black days are the worst, right?? And yes, they always seem to happen when you're on top of the world thinking that you have everything under control (at least that's when my moments strike!!)

Praying for confidence, for patience, for grace, and for love for you. Know that in trusting God, all will turn out right - it just might look differently than it did yesterday.


Cammie@Flutterbys and Frogs said...

So sorry for such a hard day! I wanted to come by and thank you for joining our blog hop for Women in the Word. Thank you for being so open, honest, and authentic about this time in your life right now. I pray things get better soon. And you couldn't have put it any better. No matter how bad things may be today, and no matter who does NOT show love to you, God loves you deeply.
Love and Blessings

Deb Chitwood said...

Congrats on being the Featured Friend at Seeds of Faith! Awesome job on Monday! I'm sorry you had a bad day yesterday, though. I'm a Fly Baby, too, and I do fantastic sometimes and other times not as well - although FlyLady always helps me keep some order. I really like FlyLady's quote "You are not behind! I don't want you to try to catch up; I just want you to jump in where we are." I use the 15-minute idea a lot, too. I'll be cheering you on for a great day tomorrow!
Deb @

Anonymous said...

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