Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bible In 90 Days - Day 2

Genesis 17:1 - 28:19

OK, I had to give up on that bible with the teeny tiny print.  I just can't see it.  So, Im going with my Yearly Bible & reading it according to the 90 Day Schedule!

I woke up in a horrible mood since I got woken up an hour earlier than planned by someone who will sleep till 1pm. Grrrr....

But, I did my reading at 6am, curled up in my chair with my coffee.  I must say that doing my Bible reading in the morning has given me a lot of food for thought all day AND the desire to read more.

My 'Go Back To' today is this:

Abraham and Sarah waited TWENTY FIVE YEARS for God to fullfil his promise of giving them a son.  Man, that's a long time.  Granted, they had their moments of doubt and 'taking it back', but wow, 25 years...

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Dorie said...

Yes, they did wait a long time!

Any time spent in God's Word is a blessing ~ and to read it all in 90 days is an amazing blessing in itself! I did it last year, and I cannot encourage you enough to continue on. It is definitely a wonderful journey.

Thank you for following my blog, and I am grateful to meet you! Yes, it is interesting how a child's mind figuring out the world is so similar to our minds trying to grasp the truths of God. I love how the Lord uses my parenting time after time to teach me truths about Him.

Anonymous said...

Abraham and Sarah make me wonder what I have missed out on the times when I have given up waiting for my hearts desire!

Living on Love and Cents said...

I love that quiet moments alone in the word too! I am stopping by from Seeds of Faith. I am now a follower. I also have a Fellowship hop today. I'd love for you to link up this great post! Have a great day! ~Heather

Jessica Scarbrough said...

What a wonderful challenge to read the Bible in 90 days. I'd love to follow along with you. My favorite time of day to read my Bible is the morning, but I often find it hard to do with the chaos of getting everyone up and out the door along with the fact that I can't seem to get up any earlier than I have to!

Following you from the blog hop and just now getting around to visiting. Hope you'll visit me as well at!

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