Friday, March 4, 2011

Moving Is Such Fun... NOT!

So, for the last week I've been moving from our small house with a tiny yard to a bigger house with a much bigger yard, about 3 houses up the road.  We moved everything with a 1994 Dodge Caravan.  It took a gazillion trips and it was a spur of the moment move.  So, the packing is half-assed and it looks like our new home has thrown up all over itself with the garbage bags and boxes thrown everywhere.   But, the house that we moved out of is neat, clean and ready for the new tenants, whoever they may be.

Now comes the fun part, right?  The unpacking and organizing and arranging all of this 'stuff'.  It is a daunting task.  Even though I had decluttered an immense amount of stuff from the other house, I still cannot believe the amount of things that I have to put away or find homes for.  Needless to say, I already have a 'consignment store' box started. 

I did find some great deals on things we needed during the move.  Like a new to us couch. microwave and bunk-bed at a re-seller store. Now all the kids have their own bed and noone has to sleep on the couch in the middle of the living room!  Well, Wyatt still doesn't have his own bed, but he always sleeps with someone.

I can watch the kids at the bus stop now, too.  Which makes me a lot happier than having them wait for the bus out of sight or having to drive them to it.  They also have a yard to play in, even though it is on a slope. Before, all they had was a driveway.  Our new home is draft-free and stays at a constant temperature instead of us either being too hot or too cold.  The dishwasher actually washes the dishes and we have a little pantry to make up for the lack of cabinet space.  All in all, I'm pretty happy with the move.

Now, like I said, I'm off to unpack, declutter and organize my new home.  On a side note, I did actually manage to keep my sink shining even through the whole move, lol.  It may be the only place in the house that is not overflowing, but it brought me a sense of peace amidst all the chaos!

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