Thursday, December 30, 2010

The FlyLady's Beginner's BabySteps

I have been doing the FlyLady's Beginner BabySteps for 16 days now.  I've kept up with my progress on my other blog WAHMto5.  While I was not able to do a step a day and sometimes I did two in one day, I feel pretty good about my progress.  My house is looking better.  Not perfect, but better.  My kids are starting to chip in and so is JT. I would not be humiliated if someone came over, but would probably have to do at least a 15 minute room rescue. I would not cringe if they had to use our bathroom.  It's all good. 

The support and encouragement that the other FlyGirls at the FlyLady Facebook Page have been immeasurably helpful with keeping me on track.  I'm so glad that I found that page through my mom's Facebook. If it weren't for them, I probably would have given up as I've done before.

Today I ordered Body Clutter, Sink Reflections and SideTracked Home Executives from Amazon.  Can't wait till they get here!

Don't have them yet?? Check Them Out Here!

For the New Year, I will be working on becoming healthier with the addition of excercise and better food choices.  I will be recording that journey here as well as my continuous journey of blessing my home with FlyLady techniques. .

I hope that you enjoy this blog and are inspired by my experiences!


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